Perfectly Imperfect

"We are perfectly imperfect beings." -A.K.

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i. There are always going to be people that make you question humanity. Stay away from them. There is so much good in the world, so much beauty and light and plain old good. Don’t let negative people ruin it for you. The world isn’t a bad place. Some people just really suck.

ii. When he doesn’t text back, who cares? Stop worrying over nothing for no reason. There are so many other interesting people to talk to, like your best friend, or your mom. Who needs him? And what if he’s just busy and can’t text back right away? Breathe. It’s cool. There will always be other boys to text, and other boys who will text back.

iii. If you want to chop all your hair off and dye the tips electric blue, do it. If you want to get lame boy-band lyrics that mean a lot to you tattooed on your wrist, do it. Just do it. (It’s Nike’s slogan for a reason right? It’s gotta mean something.) Do everything you want to do, and don’t let anyone else stop you. As long as you feel comfortable and safe and happy, screw everyone else. This is your life. This is about you. Wear that crop top, own those shorts, rock that new hair cut, and fuck everyone else.

iv. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, so don’t let anyone walk all over you or make you feel shitty just because they don’t like you or something you’re doing. Be proud of who you are, be proud of the things you do. You’ve no reason to let other people get inside your head and try to tell you who to be. You have that power, not them. Don’t let them fit you in a box. Make your own box and decorate it the way you want to, with glitter and stickers and lots of pink.

v. The boy who broke your heart into thousands of tiny pieces before he left will someday feel the same pain you are currently feeling. He will experience how much bones can ache after someone who used to sleep beside him is no longer there. He will understand that his flesh feels cold and numb because no one is there to hold his hands or hold him close. His day will come. So for now, instead of drinking shots of vodka and crying yourself to sleep, put on your favourite pair of sweatpants and go read in the park. Don’t shut yourself off or be alone. You need to be out and about, making new memories with people other than him. Don’t worry. His day will come, and that is the day you will realize you don’t care about him anymore. You will realize that you never needed him in the first place.

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